Vacuum Sealing and Packing Machine with Built-in Cutter and Marker Pen

Product Details:

Household vacuum sealer: Vacuum Sealing and Packing Machine can store your food for up to 5 times. It protect, preserves and stores food in a convenient and economical way. The seal is easy to operate and has a touch screen on the top.

More About Vacuum Sealing and Packing Machine

  • Vacuum Sealing and Packing Machine has multi-function settings: different food types can choose different food settings (wet and dry) and mode settings (standard or soft). Sealing time: 5 minutes.
  • You can also use it to marinate in just 20 minutes instead of eating it overnight. It also protects polished silver from discoloration.
  • The vacuum sealing machine is made of large-area high-end stainless steel with an elegant appearance. All these materials are approved by LFGB for use in contact with food.
  • Types of food that can be vacuum-sealed: You can vacuum-suck meat and seafood, vegetables and fruits, and various foods in dry food.
  • The vacuum sealing machine has a built-in bag cutting machine with a marker: to help you cut the bag of the required size or open the sealed bag. After use, it can be put into the holder of the bag cutting machine. A marker pen is also included to mark the sealed bag and use it later. Package includes 10 vacuum storage bags (24*19.5cm)