RC Stunt Car, 4WD 2.4GHz Remote Control Gesture Sensor Toy

Product Details:

Gesture induction control car:-This remote control stunt car toy, including clock and gesture remote control, 2.4G remote control technology. Forward, backward, turn left, turn right, turn 360 degrees and roll.
The track is tortuous and high-speed, the remote control car can also perform many amazing stunts, allowing children to experience a different kind of fun.
Four-wheel drive and a deformable body make the car more agile and provide strong power torque, allowing it to run smoothly on any terrain.

More About RC Stunt Car:

  • Perfect tire design:-The tire surface of RC Stunt Car, 4WD 2.4GHz Remote Control Gesture Sensor Toy has deep embossing, which can increase friction and provide firm grip, allowing it to perform quiet stunts as needed. Non-slip hollow tires, super elastic, good shockproof effect.
  • Light and music effect toys:-Cool and elegant children’s climbing toys, shocking light and music, spinning tigers, give you a real car sound experience. Climbing, twisting, forward and backward movement functions, automatically display 360Acirc; degrees; rotation, four driving forces, night light, music, gesture sensing remote control, drift.
  • Power and speed:-High-speed motor with overheat protection, 7.4V (1200mA) super-capacity lithium battery provides very high speed, Hi-Grip rubber tires provide you with excellent off-road performance.
  • One-click transformation:-Just change the gesture or click the one-click transformation button on the remote control, and the racing toy car will change from a flat shape to an off-road vehicle. Provide you with a realistic racing and off-road game experience.